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Happy Times Variety Show

Everyone needs to laugh from time to time.  Happy Times Variety Show will do just that. 

We created this primarily to entertain seniors in facilities that had strict mask guidelines during the pandemic.  But we have found that it has become popular enough to offer it on a bigger scale - even with mask mandates and pandemic lifted.

Happy Times Variety Show is a family friendly variety show consisting primarily of music (DJ style) that ranges from Country - Gospel - Folk - 50's Rock n Roll - Patriotic - Big Band - Cowboy - Pop and songs from 1920's through 1970's.  We play a variety of rhythm instruments along with the music. Some include Washboard, cajon bongos, bones, tambourine, shakers, castanets, bells, cabasa, cajon drum, chilean rain stick and much more.  From time to time we also utilize puppets, illusions and props. 

View our website to find out more about Happy Times Variety Show.  Click the link below

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