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A Bit About Us

Our History And Passion


New Jerusalem Ministries was formed in 1988 by Ray and Cindy Spellbrink. Through the years we've sang and preached in numerous churches crossing denominational lines.  We believe denominations do little more than divide the Body of Christ.  This ministry has always been about encouraging, exhorting and edifying God's people wherever they may be.  We live in a day and time when we need to be encouragers.  Who doesn't need encouraging from time to time?


A big part of this ministry is the New Jerusalem Singers. This traditional/country gospel group has sang and played all over the state of Illinois and has ventured into Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky.  The current make up of the group is Ray on vocal/bass guitar and Cindy on vocal/guitar/keyboard.  We encourage you to check out the New Jerusalem Singers link on this website for more information about the group along with our schedule and information to book us.


Ray is available to preach at various events, meetings and camp meetings.  Cindy is available to teach at various events and on various subjects.  Feel free to contact us to schedule these meetings.

We have several outreaches associated with New Jerusalem Ministries.   Ray has created a Blog, Vlog, Podcast and  has several YouTube videos from preaching.  We also have a Ministerial Fellowship where we  work with other ministers and ministries, encouraging and advising as  needed.  Please be sure to view the Outreaches tab for additional information and links.


New Jerusalem Ministries desire is to lift up Jesus and to encourage God's people.

Get In Touch With Us

Ray & Cindy Spellbrink

1200 N. 7th St Apt 10

Aurburn, IL  62615


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